5 Tips to start surfing again

If you have been out of the water for a while, and miss that salty feeling  here are five great tips that will help you return to the lineup-

1. get back in the water

2. get back in the water

3. get back in the water

4. get back in the water

5. get back in the water

No seriously, Get back in the water!

get back in water

Take the plunge and get back in the water anyway you can!

There is no better way to return to surfing than just grabbing your board and paddling out somewhere, anywhere. Don’t wait for perfect conditions, perfect size, perfect place…because it ain’t gonna happen.

Continually I would put off returning to the surf because I would be waiting for those conditions that I had in my mind that would be conducive to getting back out there. In my mind I could see a nice 2 foot, left hand sand bar, not too quick, sun out, maybe one friendly soul in the line up to minimise the shark bait factor and a gentle variable breeze, just enough to take off the sheen.

Who was I kidding!!

Think back to when you surfed regularly. How often was it perfect or close to….maybe one in five, more like one in ten times you go out, unless of course you live in Indo.

Most surfs are just surfs, searching for the best you can get but still getting out there regardless because any wave is usually better than none.


Just get out, get wet, feel the salt, feel the wind, scratch for a couple of waves, get smashed, laugh, cry, just get back in the water.

You know it will feel amazing and you will have chalked up ” a surf ” and you can build from there!



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